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Thee Magickal Mystical Bookstore

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New! Search by Title, Author, or Subject for ANY   book or CD!

We've arranged with Amazon Books, the world's largest online bookstore, to make a large selection of magickal books available for sale to you directly over the Internet. Just click on any listing you are interested in, and this will whisk to you Amazon books where they will take your order, via credit card. Order as many books as you like at a time – Really, it's easy, and fast.

We would also like to encourage you to patronize your local occult and magickal bookseller if you are lucky enough to have one nearby —
click here for an online directory.


We have found to be an amazingly helpful resource. International orders are also accepted! *Please note: The Book Covers shown are for illustration purposes only, and may not accurately represent the edition listed.

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Instructions: Select any subject category in our table of contents, then click on a title. This will send you to a page at describing the selected title in more detail. If you wish to order, click on "add to my shopping basket." Then just click again on any subject category in our table of contents in the window to the left to return to our Magickal and Esoteric listings. Select another title that you want to add to your shopping basket. Take as long as you like to finish shopping and looking around. You can decide to buy, or cancel items at any time. You can also choose to send credit info over the internet, or phone in your information later, if you prefer. Warning for the "cookie phobic" — you cannot buy from without allowing them to set a cookie to your server!

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